This is the official registration form for The Connecticut Rally @ Foxwoods Resort Casino. We welcome our members to sign up by submitting this completed form. is still in its initiation phase and welcoming new members. Membership is free yet a great privlege.

Once you have been approved, your first name / vehicle will be printed on the event roster. You will be emailed a detailed itinerary with all the necessary information.

            >>This form is to be filled out by the driver only<<
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Most activities during this event are 21+. If you are a driver under 21 or have a child passenger under 21 please give a detailed explanation in the comments section below.
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I understand that Supercar Road Trips does not charge its members to participate in this event. I will be responsible for any purchases. I also understand that Super Car Road Trips is organizing this event as a service to attendees and is not profiting from my participation.

I understand that I am responsible for my safety, my passenger's safety or the safety of my vehicle and by attending this event I will participate at my own risk and be responsible any damages that may occur as a result of attending this event. Should my car break down, I understand that the group will continue without my participation.

I understand that speeding is not condoned by Super Car Road Trips and is illegal and jeopardizes the safety of those around me.

I understand that my RSVP is not a guarantee of invitation until my name is posted in the Event Confirmation List which will be posted on We hold the right to refuse anyone for any reason. All vehicles are chosen from applicable vehicles on a first come/first serve basis.

I understand that this event will be filmed and I expect no compensation from any groups filming.

I agree to the above terms.