Welcome to the 2013 Boston Strong Exotic Car Rally registration form!  As members are selected, they will be posted on the website roster.  Please be patient in this highly selective registration process.  The event is limited to 35 exotics with a goal of raising $20,000 for the One Fund!

Notice: This registration form does not reveal the itineary or the specially planned events that have been organized for this road trip. The exact itinerary will be revealed to participating members prior to the event.

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Do you agree to pay the $25 vehicle registration fee? Yes, I agree to pay the $25 vehicle registration fee in CASH.

Do you agree to pay the $100 driver fee? Yes. I understand that the $100 driver fee is required to attend this event. I will pay this in CASH. This fee will cover dining expenses, venue fees and gratuities. There will be a catered light breakfast as well as an impressive lunch venue. Additional city parking fees may apply.
Do you agree to pay the $100 passenger fee? Yes I am bringing a passenger and I will be responsible for their $100 passenger fee. I will pay this in CASH.
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Select your promised charity donation: $250 minimum One Fund donation per vehicle.    All charity donations should be in the form of a check written directly to One Fund Boston. You may collect checks from family members and friends to reach your promised donation.Members who donate $2,500+ will be listed on our website & event recap newsletter as "Heavy Hitters" and will have the opportunity to submit an image to accompany their name or business name. Those who wish to remain anonymous may request to do so.

Please read these terms clearly:
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